Short Sale Info



If a homeowner owes more on their property than what it is worth, then the homeowner can hire a qualified REALTOR to market and sell their property through negotiation of a short sale with the lender. There is no upfront costs to you as the seller and the commissions are paid by the mortgage company.   For homeowners to qualify they must fall into any or all of the following circumstances.

Financial Hardship, job loss, divorce, excessive debt, relocation and mortgage reset.  These are only a few, call me to determine if you will qualify for a short sale.

HAFA:  Home Affordable Foreclosures Alternative Program, This is part of the making home affordable program.  The program was designed to prevent foreclosure to those who were denied a HAMP modification or for those who could not successfully complete the trial perid for the loan modification.  This program incorporates some unique features, but not all lenders are participating in the program.   I would be happy to go over these features with you and determine what option will best fit your needs.